Robust Team of Security Professionals average experience in Cyber Security is minimum of 20 plus years and all the key members have worked large scale global security projects with Fortune 1000 Companies. Collective experience of Team in security is 200 plus man years.

    • Why Secure hat consulting ?
      • 30 Years in IT and Infrastructure
      • 20 Year in Cyber Security
      • 15 Years in Global Consulting
      • Over 6 Years in Cloud and SaaS Security
    • Over 15 years of Global Security Consulting
    • Over 12 years of Provided Consulting Services to Housing Mortgage Entities in area of Security Risk Assessment, Vendor Risk Management, Security Architecture and Cloud SaaS Security.
    • SOX Compliance for 2 years for one of the World’s Leading Development Bank
    • ISO 27000 Readiness for leading Telecom Company in India and conducting regular compliance audit.
    • Cyber Security Audit and SOX Compliance
    • Delivered Successful IT Security Strategy

IT risk management, also called information security risk management system ISMS consists of the policies, procedures, and technologies that a company uses to mitigate threats from malicious actors and reduce information technology vulnerabilities that negatively impact data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Depending on internal and external stakeholder requirements we can tailor your ISMS needs to map to local and global compliance needs.