The world of Information Technology (IT) and Networking is dynamic

We are in the Cyber Security Consulting Practice for over 20 years. Our expertise is with different organization types be it Small, Medium, or Large. We have exposure to develop and implement the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance framework. Depending on the type of enterprise and its IT Infrastructure be it 100% in-house, fully Cloud-hosted, or a combination of hybrid hosting. We are equipped to meet the needs of current complex Cyber Security environments.

Cyber Security Strategy

Security embedded in our DNA, we have executed the best of security and compliance projects across the globe. The past few years have seen enormous growth in cloud hosting and SaaS offerings. Development is fast-paced in agile development environments with multifold challenges. Securing CI/CD pipelines on a real-time basis has become a big challenge. Security in the cloud is complex, unlike traditional IT, Infrastructure today is code, having control over the activities across environments and generating appropriate events/alerts to take corrective actions is imperative.

Data Privacy

Data critical fuel in the information age, depending on the type of business we need to safeguard data and inform its owners if there is a breach. Across the globe Data Privacy and compliance laws have been formulated with the sole purpose of them to ensure data is not misused and appropriate measures are put in place to identify critical data elements and apply relevant controls to safeguard. The rigor of compliance varies depending on the type of industry such as banking, healthcare, government, and telecom, automobile type of data like health, personal, or payment data. Privacy Compliance such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, India Personal Data Protection Bill, Chile Privacy Bill Initiative, and New Zealand Privacy Bill.


VCISO – Chief Information Security Officer

Depending on the need and size of the enterprise we are in a position to cater to your needs of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer to ensure all of your Governance, Risk Management, Cyber Security, and Compliance needs are met at the fraction of the cost.

VBISO – Business Information Security Officer

BISO is the leader who is aware of technology and business. A BISO will bridge the gap between Technology and Business leadership to ensure both these are aligned to deliver security and success to the management.

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management is critical to ensure the integrity of enterprise cybersecurity. A robust vendor risk management goes in a long way in ensuring all the supporting products and service vendors meet your minimum-security requirements. There are numerous breaches that happened due to weak third party vendors.

News & Updates


2020 By far has been the worst year in Cyber Security history and with progress of cloud and multitude of vendors and services this may not be last one. The complexity of securing enterprise infrastructure and applications has been an arduous task and it will become...